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This section is about Suppi, Suppi, Suppi, and well...Did I mention Suppi?

Name: Suppi
Age: ??
Favorite thing to do: Read
Likes: Quiet Times
Dislikes: Kero, and noisy stuff
Occupation: Gaurdian?
Master: Eriol

Suppi is like Kero. Small, with wings, cute...etc. But, Suppi likes reading and quiet stuff. Kero, well, likes Video games and loves to eat sweets. Suppi, is similar to Kero in another way. He can transform into a big cat with wings, and is called Spinel Sun. Spinel Sun has butterfly wings, looks like a buffed panther, and is very powerful. Kero can do the same thing but turns in to a lion with armor and angel wings. Suppi can easily become Spinel Sun and back to his small cute form as easily as he likes because of Eriol. With Kero, Sakura had to get the Earthy and Firey cards to get Kero to turn into Kerberos.