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Ok, here's your test people! From all of what I told you, you get tested! Pass all the questions and get, you're a um....Suppi master! Or something like that....

1) Suppi likes to:
a) Act like a lazy bum
b) Read
c) Eat sweets and play games

2) Who made Suppi?
a)You did

3)Suppi is also called:
a)Special Sun
c)Spinel Sun

4)Why can Suppi turn into his big form and back easily?
a)Because I said so
Because Sakura has magic powers
Because of Eriol's control over the Clow Cards

5)Suppi's tail in his smaller form is....
b)curly and spiral like
c) on your dinner plate! >:-(

EXTRA CREDIT! 1 point! What season does Suppi come into!
c) third

Got your answers? Good! Click here