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Links to great Trigun Sites!
You can submit your link here!
-Great site full of screen shots of almost every episode. I like the writings! (5/5)
Trigunometry!-Really great name, interesting Babble/Rumors, and great wavs, Mp3s, videos! (5/5)
-It's a Trigun Adoption Agency! Cute! (5/5)
PACThis is a really great site, with pictures of Vash's gun, a great reveiw, and even an MP3 with Legato and Mr. Black Cat talking together! (5/5)
Trigun: WooHoo-Some fun stuff, info on the first/second donuts, and really great bios for the great Legato, Vash, Kuroneko, and Wolfwood!(5/5)
The Bernardelli Insurance Society-Yay! Finally a shrine to Milly and Meryl! (5/5)